Episode 17: Minimally Invasive Myocardial Bridge Unroofing Explained by Professor Theo Kofidis

Join me for a conversation with Professor Theo Kofidis, Head of the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at the National University Hospital of Singapore, as we explore the complexities of myocardial bridges and minimally invasive heart surgery. An expert in his field and a renowned cardiac surgeon, Professor Kofidis discusses the importance of patient education, understanding myocardial bridges, and the various approaches to treatment. You’ll hear about the impact of global perspectives on this condition, from Europe’s slower acceptance to the influence of the United States on Kofidis’s approach to innovation and patient outcomes.

Listen as we take a closer look at the intricacies of treating a myocardial bridge. We talk about the process of unroofing and treating our condition, with a keen focus on minimally invasive procedures. We discuss the pros and cons of access to the heart and emphasize the need for customized patient-centric approaches. We also explore the challenge in diagnosing myocardial bridges due to a lack of scientific understanding of the condition, stressing the importance of cautious and conservative treatment approaches.

We’ll close with a glimpse into some of the pastimes this surgeon enjoys when he does get a break from the process of what can be an incredibly stressful career. You might be surprised.

To reach Professor Kofidis his email is tkofidis@hotmail.de

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