Episode 16: Robotic Cardiac “Unroofing” with Dr. Husam Balkhy

What if you could peer into the future of cardiac care and discover a method for Myocardial Bridge “unroofing” surgery that offers less pain, less scarring, and faster recovery? That future is now. Welcome to the new world of robotic cardiac surgery, as revealed by our guest, Director, Robotic and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery at University of Chicago Medicine, Dr. Husam Balkhy. He shares his wealth of knowledge with us, unraveling his history and the potential of robotic surgery in treating heart conditions, specifically myocardial bridges.

We discuss the intricate landscape of the heart, how different perspectives can help access deep coronary arteries or Myocardial Bridges and delve into the technicalities of unroofing myocardial bridges robotically. A process that requires precision, skill, favors experience and proper patient selection. Dr. Balkhy also shares the hurdles and rewards of robot-assisted surgery, emphasizing the pivotal role of a stabilizer in ensuring successful operations. This very stabilizer is currently being phased out and may not be replaced, rendering this procedure impossible and therefore no longer able to be performed going forward.

Whether you’re seeking to understand myocardial bridges, explore treatment options, or better understand a diagnosis, this episode will leave you with a deeper comprehension of robotic cardiac surgery’s pioneering world and your options.  Cutting edge?  Not so much and happy to say.

For more information about Dr. Balkhy, click  here

To inquire about possible robotic surgery for your Myocardial Bridge call Ruth Buckner at Dr. Balkhy’s office: 773-834-1612

To voice your concern about the deletion of the robotic stabilizer, you can contact Intuitive Surgical and watch for more information from me on the website, My Imperfect Heart