Episode 18: Emily Tedore’s Heart Attack Changed the Holidays Forever.

You likely can relate navigating life’s ups and downs, then suddenly, your heart throws you an unexpected curveball. My guest, Emily Tedore, a 39-year-old mother of two, courageously steps into our conversation to unravel her heart health journey. She takes us through her experience, starting from a sudden chest pain at the gym to a heart catheterization and eventually an unroofing procedure to treat her myocardial bridge. That first episode was a heart attack that led to the steps toward her unroofing procedure. Emily shines a light on the emotional roller coaster her diagnosis process was and how it changed her life’s viewpoint dramatically. Our discussion also uncovers the period of anticipation leading to Emily’s surgery at Stanford, a time marked by uncertainty, worry and anxiety. Emily offers a look into this challenging period, retracing her steps through the arduous process of getting medical records, securing her surgery approval, and the distress that came with pausing her exercise routines. Emily’s surgery, scheduled just before Christmas, meant spending the festive season away from family due to her health condition. A testament to the her resilience, Emily’s story paints a vivid picture of how family support can anchor us through life’s most difficult times. As we dig deeper into Emily’s experience, we explore her recovery process post-surgery, emphasizing the indispensability of self-care and adherence to exercise routines. Emily’s narrative serves as a reminder to listen to our bodies, even when our recovery journey presents hurdles. Our conversation further addresses the anxiety and fear that often accompany heart conditions, providing insights into coping with emotional stress, finding supportive communities, and learning to value life.  A perfect episode to lead us into the holiday season.

As promised in the episode, if you’re in the Eastern Sierra or western part of Nevada, Carson Tahoe Health is where Emily’s cardiologist practices.  Her name is Dr. Lorrel Toft and the number for the department is 775-445-7650.  The website for the hosipital is www.carsontahoehealth.com

To learn more about Myocardial Bridges and the surgery that relieves the debilitating symptoms a bridge may cause, visit www.myimperfectheart.com