Episode 15: Surviving to Thriving – 6 Steps to Turn Trauma & Depression Into Transformation.

Since you’re listening to this podcast, you’ve likely got symptoms of a Myocardial Bridge or you’re post-surgery and have been “unroofed”.  In either case, whatever your symptoms are or were, a heart attack, shortness of breath, severe angina or chest pain, for most of us, that’s traumatic.  On-going concern pre-surgery about whether or not you’re going to die, or post-surgery concern about what will life be like now and the depression that so often follows are what we’re addressing in this episode.

My guest today, Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn, overcame a death experience surviving over 20 minutes of CPR. Through a harrowing journey of resilience and determination, she created a path to recovery, known as Metahabilitation, turning trauma into transformation. Dr. Mikal-Flynn walks us through her journey post the life-altering event, inspiring us with her story of grit and perseverance. She recognized life as she knew it had changed forever and embraced her newfound strength, eventually earning her Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Her research is eye-opening, showing how people can not only survive but thrive after trauma. Through her Metahabilitation process, she helps us understand how positive thinking, self-awareness, and spirituality play crucial roles in the aftermath of such events. Discover the various stages of “Metahab” and how they have helped Dr. Mikal-Flynn and others transform their lives after trauma.

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