Coming June 28th: A conversation with Stanford’s Dr. Jack Boyd

I want to share something very exciting for all my MB Family whether you’re still on your journey or you’ve already been unroofed.  And if you have been unroofed, the odds are good our guest on the next episode of Imperfect Heart is somebody you may know personally. I am beyond excited to be able to introduce Dr. Jack Boyd as our guest on the podcast, Imperfect Heart that releases on June 28th.  Dr. Boyd is the Stanford based Cardiothoracic Surgeon that has done more unroofing procedures than any other surgeon in the country.  He has done many of the unroofing procedures for those of us on this Facebook page.  If you want to hear the process of what the surgery is all about, how it works and what the typical outcomes are, pls mark your calendar for next Wed, or even better yet, simply subscribe now to the podcast, Imperfect Heart, wherever you listen to your podcasts. If you’re struggling with making the final decision on surgery to minimize the negative symptoms of a Myocardial Bridge, you must listen to this episode…. Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Boyd’s discussion with me, Jeff Holden on Imperfect Heart.