Episode 9: Journeys 2 – A Nurse’s Dilemma: Sternotomy vs Robotic Unroofing.

Jeremy Hester, a nurse at a local hospital in a small northern community of California is faced with a wonderful, yet incredibly difficult decision. Hear the challenges he went through to get to his proper diagnosis of a Myocardial Bridge and what is giving him the difficulty of a decision as to not when, but how, he will choose to get his unroofing procedure done. In this “Journeys” episode, we’ll learn what his research has uncovered, whom he has spoken with and where he is in the decision making process. For anybody who is trying to decide which route to go and for which reason, what some of the doctors are saying regarding surgery and what the potential outcomes may be, please be sure to listen and share. Sternotomy, thorocotomy, or robotic unroofing procedures all have their specific advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons. The struggle Jeremy is dealing with may be similar to yours and while we don’t yet know his decision, the process we all go thru is as unique as we are. The more information we can accumulate in making that decision is often better. Be sure to follow or subscribe to our episodes and visit the website www.myimperfectheart.com to learn of our “Journeys” MB Family outcomes as they progress to their unroofed conditions.

Jeremy also mentions “gummies” in his efforts to relieve pain. Here are a couple of links to the articles he read in his research on whether or not to give then a try.
pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (In search type “Treatment with Cannabidiol Results in an Antioxidant and Cardioprotective Effect in Several Pathophysiologies”) and the second article type (Cannabinoids alter the endothelial function in the Zucker rat model of type 2 diabetes)

These are not medical recommendations and are only for your own personal research and information.