Episode 10: Stanford’s Dr. Jack Boyd Explains Myocardial Bridge Surgery. The Unroofing Process.

This is a very special episode for anyone considering the unroofing process for their Myocardial Bridge. Dr. Jack Boyd, Stanford School of Medicine’s Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery is my guest.  Dr. Boyd was the surgeon who performed my unroofing procedure and along with the entire Myocardial Bridge Research Team, is responsible for giving me the life as I knew it, back.  Join our conversation as we discuss what happens in the operating room for this surgery and how the procedure is literally done, the pros and cons of various types of entry to the heart from sternotomy to robotic surgery and why the procedure is still considered somewhat controversial amongst cardiologists.  If you are struggling to get acknowledgement from a cardiologist, if you’re uncertain of your diagnosis, if you’re worried about the surgical process in general or the possibility of a heart attack, this conversation should help you minimize the fear of what will most likely improve the quality of your life.  If you or someone you know is struggling with the decision for whatever reason, this is a must listen as you’re hearing from the leading thoracic surgeon in the country on Myocardial Bridge unroofing procedures. Anyone considering the surgery will benefit from this episode.  I hope it brings you peace in your decision, confidence to move forward and comfort knowing the mystery of what happens is clarified.  Now you can take the necessary steps toward minimizing the symptoms of the bridge and getting the life you knew, back.

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