Episode 2: Where To Get Answers and Support From Others With Myocardial Bridges

First things first. What better day to share the second episode of Imperfect Heart than Valentines Day! I am most appreciative of the recognition of hearts in every way both figuratively and literally. Our hearts most definitely rule our lives in so many ways. And when something goes haywire, we want to do whatever we can to identify and address it to the best of our ability. Since our launch, I have been humbled by the compliments, the comments and the concerns by so many and I realized that while some of us are aware there is a real-time, real-life resource to share and communicate with, many of you do not or did not know there was such a resource easily and quickly available. I didn’t until after my surgery. I decided it was really important to let those of you unaware of this resource that it exists and that, while I want to continue the story of my journey, it was much more important to be certain you knew you have friends with similar situations that want to talk and share to get some semblance of comfort while you continue your journey to proper identification, diagnosis and resolve for yourself. The clear solution to me was to speak with one of the Administrators of the most popular real-time resource, The Myocardial Bridge Support Group private facebook page. I’ll be talking with Rob Thornett about his personal process of diagnosis to unroofing and how he ended up becoming an administrator on the page as well. His story is unique for sure (as our most of our stories!) but more importantly, you’ll learn that this resource is there for YOU. For your resolve and support, information and education. It’s the “Go To” place for so many of us to get a better understanding of what it is we’re dealing with, what to expect and to make new acquaintances and even friends who share a very personal experience with a most necessary part of life…our hearts! And as I opened with, this is not only about the literal physical issues we deal with but the emotional as well. Pain and the reality of sudden cardiac arrest is nothing to be dealt with lightly. I hope this episode opens up some new outlets for you and helps you realize you are not alone and there is a simple place for you to go for support in so many ways. To all the administrators on the page, thank you. And especially to Rob Thornett for his relentless questions that continue to lead to updated FAQ’s and Doctors/Health Care Systems performing unroofing procedures around the world. Thank You for all you do to help all of us. Make the most of your Valentines Day with gratitude and positivity.

To hear prior episodes of “Imperfect Heart” and to download the FAQ’s and Doctors list of surgeons/cardiologists supporting the unroofing process visit www.myimperfectheart.com.