Episode 1: What the Hell Just Happened? I Had a Heart Attack?

In this very first episode of Imperfect Heart I take you on the steps of my journey starting with the recognition, albeit reluctantly, that there is something terribly wrong and as much as I hate to say it, I know it’s my heart.  What transpires next is the quest to first identify or diagnose the problem and then figure out a way to a solution.  You’ll meet my first Cardiologist, Dr. Rishi Menon, and the process and procedures we traveled to get us to the reality of the fact that what we were dealing with was not a normal situation.  The manifestations of what was happening to me didn’t make sense and it was going to take a very different approach than something traditional.  Not to mention, I wasn’t going to settle for something “familiar” in a solution when we didn’t really know the root cause of my symptoms.  There were some remarkable twists and turns that eventually led to a logical next step in both the search for a cause and the probable fix.  And yes, for most of us, the words heart attack are difficult to say.  Especially if we believe we’ve lived a lifetime taking care of ourselves to extend that time of life.  Right?  Well, it all started with … a heart attack.

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