Episode 32: A Doctor’s Diagnostics & Research Lead a Myocardial Bridge Patient to “Unroofed” Progress.

Could your heart be sending distress signals that traditional tests can’t detect? Join me, Jeff Holden, for a revealing conversation with Dr. Samit Shah from Yale School of Medicine as he shares groundbreaking insights on the Discover INOCA research program. This multicenter study is pioneering the way we understand ischemia and non-obstructive coronary arteries (INOCA), focusing on elusive conditions like coronary microvascular dysfunction, myocardial bridging, and coronary vasospasm. Collaborating with institutions such as Stanford and Columbia University, this research aims to establish standardized protocols for better patient outcomes through advanced diagnostic techniques.

And meet David Tretter, a patient whose life took a dramatic turn due to severe heart arrhythmias. His journey from a terrifying heart arrhytmia that led to a game-changing diagnosis at Yale is nothing short of inspiring. Dr. Shaw and his team meticulously differentiated David’s myocardial bridge from his arrhythmias, using comprehensive tests like angiograms and provocative testing. Their collaborative effort underscores the importance of precision in diagnosis, ultimately leading to effective treatment and a significant improvement in David’s quality of life.

The road to recovery doesn’t end with diagnosis. Discover the transformative power of cardiac rehabilitation through David’s experience at Lawrence Memorial. Dr. Shaw emphasizes the critical role of cardiac rehab in helping patients regain physical fitness and confidence. The episode also ventures into the broader challenges of diagnosing persistent cardiac symptoms, advocating for continued innovation and collaboration in heart health research. This episode demonstrates the importance of patient-doctor relationships and the ongoing quest for better heart health solutions from today’s medical care teams.

To learn more about the clinical trials of Discover INOCA visit: https://medicine.yale.edu/ycci/trial/the-discover-inoca-prospective-multi-center-registry/

Episode Highlights

(00:08 – 00:48) Discover INOCA Research Program
(06:26 – 07:47) Identifying Myocardial Bridge
(11:10 – 12:24) Treatment Plan for Myocardial Bridge Symptoms
(15:48 – 17:43) Recovery Success After Surgery
(21:12 – 22:34) Advantages of CAT Scans in Diagnosis
(27:59 – 29:15) The Challenge of Diagnosing Myocardial Bridges

Chapter Summaries

(00:00) Discover INOCA Research Program Overview

Discover INOCA is a collaborative research program investigating INOCA, using advanced diagnostic techniques to improve patient outcomes.

(06:31) Heart Condition Diagnosis and Treatment

David’s journey from severe heart arrhythmias to identifying and treating a myocardial bridge, with a focus on the diagnostic process and collaborative effort among medical professionals.

(16:26) Cardiac Recovery and Rehabilitation

Regaining physical fitness post-cardiac surgery through structured cardiac rehab and identifying and treating coronary bridges.

(20:18) Chronic Symptoms and Diagnostic Challenges

Evolving technology and comprehensive workups aid in diagnosing and treating persistent cardiac symptoms, as seen in David’s case.

(27:59) Patient-Doctor Relationship and Heart Research

Myocardial bridges, patient frustration, advanced testing, groundbreaking research, patient-doctor communication, and collaboration for better outcomes.