Episode 22: Only Days From Surgery, Liane Aigner Shares Her Conviction and Confidence

Never before have I had a conversation with somebody only days from their surgery sharing their story and their thoughts on a life-changing and controversial procedure that lies so closely ahead. Embark on the journey with Liane Aigner as she stands on the cusp of a transformative heart surgery, revealing the highs and lows of her battle with a myocardial bridge. Her candid narrative displays the emotional whirlwind from the onset of disturbing symptoms to the relief of an accurate diagnosis, emphasizing the crucial role of self-advocacy in navigating the healthcare system. Discover how her story is not just one of medical challenges but also of unwavering perseverance and the profound impact of community support as she prepares for her upcoming procedure. If you’ve made it to and through surgery, you’ll closely relate. If you’re still in the process of diagnosis and scheduling, this is a textbook case from someone with a wonderful mindset.

As Liane steers us through the complexities of mental and physical preparation for her heart surgery, she offers an invaluable roadmap for anyone facing a similar situation. Her approach to dietary changes, the serenity she finds within her faith community, and the logistics of arranging personal affairs pre-surgery underscore the multifaceted aspects of bracing for a life-altering medical event. You’ll grasp the sometimes overlooked yet vital steps that fortify one’s resilience and readiness to embrace post-operative recovery.

Leanne’s remarkable openness just days before her surgery demonstrates courage and hope. Her experience underscores the importance of persisting in the search for medical answers and the transformative power of finding a doctor who looks beyond the symptoms to address the underlying issues. As we send heartfelt wishes for her myocardial bridge unroofing procedure, we’re reminded of the collective wisdom and strength found in the solidarity of those sharing in the journey towards healing and health. In a surprise twist, we’ve also found that she has connected with Kaylin Kellert, another Imperfect Heart family member, having her unroofing procedure the same day, in the same hospital with the same doctor. That would be January 23rd, 2024 at Stanford with Dr. Jack Boyd. They’ll be in recovery together and more than likely, able to see each other during their stay. That, is truly a blessing for a reason and certainly a reminder, there are no coincidences.  Enjoy her story, subscribe to the program and please give us a positive review if you appreciate what we’re doing.

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