Episode 20: Embracing Gratitude to Replace the Fear of Uncertainty Our Myocardial Bridges Create. Dr. Peggy DeLong Explains.

My own heart skipped a beat upon hearing Dr. Peggy DeLong’s tales of loss and fear. Peggy, a beacon of resilience, opens up about the profound losses that shaped her life—her fiancé and her father both taken too soon; Her father by a heart condition, her fiance by cancer. Her very own terrifying brush with what she feared was a heart attack rekindled her commitment to gratitude, a practice she has long championed.

The power of embracing gratitude to replace fear is exemplified as Dr. DeLong discusses strategies to counterbalance fear, stress and anxiety for us, especially during the emotionally charged holiday season. We examine the shared exercise of “team gratitude,” where partners enrich their connection by daily acknowledgments of appreciation, and explore how gratitude can serve as a compass to steer us away from the shadows of fear. Peggy’s insights on the delicate dance between honoring our fears and not allowing them to consume us are a testament to the strength that comes from vulnerability and her belief that we cannot truly experience joy without having first gone thru the fear or pain of a situation.

As festive lights twinkle, reminding us of the joys and challenges the holiday season brings, I hope this episode brings a gift or understanding of a practice we all can use to relieve some of the pressure, anxiety and fear of the unknown we may be dealing with. Peggy’s journey reminds us all of the small steps we can take towards maintaining hope, and the profound impact a simple act of gratitude can have on our lives. If the fear is particularly distracting at any given time, why not buy a stranger, well… a cup of hazelnut coffee? I am personally grateful for all of you, my family of “Imperfect Hearts”, that are doing what you must to get your symptoms relieved, advocating for yourself and helping others along the way.  Have a blessed holiday season with friends and family and here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year in 2024.  From the bottom of my Imperfect Heart, Thank you.

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