Episode 19: Inside the University of Chicago OR for a Robotic Unroofing Procedure. What It’s Like.

Prepare to journey through the operating room doors as I give you a front row seat to a robotic unroofing surgery with Dr. Balkhy at the University of Chicago. I find myself amazed at the intense emotion of watching this procedure firsthand as I know the outcome and what a miracle it is. My partner for the day, is Dr. Kumaran Mangalam, a cardiothoracic surgeon from Bangalore, India who practices for Narayana Health.

I’ll take you right into the depths of the operating room, immersing you in the intricate details of the unroofing procedure as best I can as a layman. You can feel the focus as Dr. Balkhy maneuvers a robotic system, expertly unroofing a myocardial bridge, while explaining how the stabilizer holds the heart in place. I hope to paint a vivid picture of the complex art and skill of removing muscle tissue from the artery. Despite the nature of the procedure, it’s interesting how music creates an ambiance in the room.  A calming wave in the sea of something so serious. As I culminate the surgical journey, I reflect on the impact and potential of robotic surgery for patients suffering from myocardial bridges. Hear from Dr. Balkhy and Dr. Kumaran on the need for increased awareness and education about this condition within the medical community, while also contemplating the life-threatening complications it could cause.

Finally, I hope to build a movement advocating for the adaptation of DaVinci XI machines to facilitate these surgeries. I’ll have more in future updates on what that’s going to look like.  We can make a difference with our efforts to educate more cardiologists and surgeons about the value of robotic unroofing given the proper circumstances and we need to do what we must to gain the support of the DaVinci robot manufacturer, Intuitive, to retrofit the stabilizer to the newest machines, including the XI models.

To connect with Dr. Kumaran, his information is below.

Dr. Kumaran Mangalam Narayana Health Bangalore, India

email: drtkumaran@gmail.com PH: +91 829-607-5465

For more information, you can visit www.myimperfectheart.com