Episode 12: Outrageous Diagnoses Lead to Surprise Solution for Amanda Pearlman

Amanda Pearlman was training to be a law enforcement officer when during Police Academy, a heart attack took her out of contention.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as unbelievable diagnoses compounded the real issue of a Myocardial Bridge.  How she eventually got to her unroofing surgery is fable enough but what happens afterward, just when it seemed everything had finally been taken care of, is hard to fathom.

This first part of a two part episode, takes us up to the correct diagnosis of her Myocardial Bridge and leads into part two, the surgical outcome and the unfortunate reality that everything didn’t go as planned.

You can find Amanda on her social platforms: Instagram –  hrt_of pearl, Twitter – @amanda_pearlman, Facebook – Amanda Pearlman

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