Episode 6: 2 Women Continued… What Happens After Surgery and Will I Ever Run Again?

As promised from part 1, Veronica and Sarah get into the Q & A from a recently unroofed patient to an experienced and once again athlete. We’ll discuss pain management, strength from proper follow-through of direction from your care team and Sarah answers Veronica’s questions about returning to life as she knew it. I’ll have a bit to offer as well in several instances but the essence of the conversation is what has worked for us, our mistakes and how Veronica is navigating her own journey to recovery. Athlete or not, the discussion is applicable and even means more if you’re inclined to be sedentary and not get off the couch. Yes, that gets covered in the discussion as well. Pain, process and pathways to performance vary for everyone. The key is to do something in recovery that continues to help you improve and you’ll hear plenty of that from us all. My hope is that this episode helps everyone understand a little better, the control you have over your own improvement.

For more information on Myocardial Bridges, FAQ’s and a list of Doctors known to be performing unroofing surgery, visit wwww.myimperfectheart.com