Episode 4: You Have a Myocardial Bridge, Now What? Dr. Ingela Schnittger Suggests Next Steps (part 2 of 2 episodes)

So you’ve clearly listened to part 1 of Dr. Schnittger’s descriptions, definitions and requirements of ascertainment to identify you’re bridge and that’s all well and good. But the syptoms as damn near killing you, debilitating you, maybe even incapacitating you. Something has to be done. But what? What do you do? Dr. Schnittger and I discuss next steps, things to expect and be aware of. Questions to ask. Expectations from treatment that may not always be surgery. What if it is surgery? What type? Sternotomy, thoractaomy, maybe even robotic? You’ll get more clarification and another opportunity to take notes in this episode as we walk through the variety of considerations you’ll get to make in the process of your treatment. Is there an opportunity to reduce the unpleasant effects the bridge is causing? The answer more often than not is a resounding “yes”. Learn what you must do on your MB journey for repair as the conversation outlines the process. I hope you get as much from this discussion as I did as I know I wish this was something I would have had prior to my surgery to help ease some of the anxiety of uncertainty.

For more information about Myocardial Bridges and to get the FAQ’s as well as a list of Doctors known to do the “unroofing” procedure, visit the website: www.myimperfectheart.com

To learn more about Stanford Medical Center and the Myocardial Bridge Clinic visit: https://med.stanford.edu/ctsurgery/clinical-care/adult-cardiac-surgery-services/myocardial-bridge-unroofing.html